New scandals, trump: a book about the penis and the photo Dude

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Author: Dmitry Kiselev

In America, Donald trump gets hit literally below the belt. After the book by journalist for The Washington Post Bob Woodward about the behind the scenes of the White house and a group of "internal resistance" Trump working in its immediate environment, already announced the next book against the President of the United States. Title — "Full disclosure". The author is a famous pornographic actress Stormy Daniels is a blonde who claims she slept with trump for more than ten years ago, when he had not thought of becoming President of the United States. For silence then received from the lawyer trump 130 thousand dollars, but now decided that will earn more if you publish a book, and those who now etched trump, will provide the publication of the advertisement. It is obvious that literary talent, Daniels is not the main of its merits. Anyway, earlier texts from her, no one saw, and certainly not waited.

And that's helped — directly from the book! Even with such detail, that though stand, though fall. They say that the penis trump "smaller than average" but "not so small". Here in the political establishment of Washington relies on the tramp laughing. Generally similar to school bullying — baiting, aggressive prosecution. Strictly forbidden, but in this case it does not bother anyone.

As no one is confused by that porn actress in the estimates of the sizes actually own scale and their ideas about "average" and "not too small". The porn actress is a professional deformation, as partners on the set of her pick up with the unnaturally grotesque dimensions. The law of genre. "average" size for this blonde in normal life and environment, far from the porn industry could be assessed more highly. So purely masculine support here trump.

If everything is to be measured from the point of view of strength of the political attack, the level of debate that has sunk to a new low, how do you imagine needs to meet Donald trump? What is the argument on the part of the President of the United States shall be considered conclusive? He that is to pull the zip and dump your dignity? To come with Smoking at the ready? But will it help? And if you're staying at the trump are generally good moves and strong arguments?

The acceleration of GDP, a record low unemployment? But it's not "Wow!" Here's another blonde vs trump is "Wow!" Book four fingers thick about moles in the White house — too cool! Russian spy caught, Russian hackers demand to extradite — that is imposed on Trump's agenda is much more important than anything else. Only irrational hysteria, dragging companies into a morass of mud on the eve of Congressional elections can cause irreparable damage to the party of trump, leaving her in the minority. That's the goal!

Author: Valentin Bogdanov

Punched repeatedly in American politics bottom again knock. This time something similar to the popular U.S. toy. In his book pornographic actress Stormy Daniels describes in detail the trump tower. She writes that this is similar to the fungus from the game "Mario".

Money Daniels lectured the former trompowsky lawyer Michael Cohen, who is now on trial. Accused of fraud. Through him to trump is trying to get spectracolor Mueller. According to ABC, investigators have several times met with Cohen to talk about possible business transactions of trump in Russia.

Evidence ties his headquarters to Moscow all no, that does not prevent to type on the subject of political points, even to such people as a lawyer entrenched in the memoirs of a porn star. In between meetings, Michael Avenati circled half a dozen American States, and finally landed in the Studio of Fox News.

To reduce the degree of hostility to nuclear power would publish documents about the so-called Russian intervention in the American elections. Trump ordered the justice Department to immediately declassify information. But then took it back. The "deep state" has again risen in defense of their interests. The wind of change it hurts.

On the Atlantic coast of the United States in the midst of hurricane season. The damage from tropical storm "Florence" exceeded $ 50 billion. The damage from that formed in the wording of The New York Times, remains to be assessed. The Newspapers came out with sensational news. A year ago, in Washington no less, was preparing a coup. The organizer called zamglavy justice kind of Rosenstein, the curator of the same spectacular Muller.

Last spring, Rosenstein among his allegedly talked about that it would be necessary to secretly record the trump with a view to bring it under the 25th amendment to the Constitution. Taking, for example, when filming Nixon.

"You only see what story came to light in the Department of justice and the FBI! What's going on, look! I want to mention that we have excellent people in the Department of justice. But I got there and very bad. You saw what happened in the FBI — all gone. But the smell remained. From him too, get rid of," said Donald trump.

He Rosenstein denies everything. The Secretary of state disagree Pompeo advises to look for another job. The U.S. justice Department looking for the source of the odor. They say the trail leads to former Deputy FBI Andrew maccabe. Ladder sent in his resignation just two days before retirement, he could not survive the insult, I think, informed retirees. Among them, the former press Secretary of George W. Bush.

McCabe removed for unauthorized leaks to the press. But the days of open doors at the White house continue without him. The last case is humiliating for Andrzej Duda photos from his meeting with trump. Social media Manager of the Polish TV channel Belsat Ivan Shyla posted the picture to Facebook with a mocking caption: "from Left — President of Poland".

The awl immediately fired, but the shot was already gone into the world, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Someone offers your safest option (say, would change their places, and there would be problems), someone pays attention to the content.

Duda after being humiliated not just in front of the photo, but in front of the cameras. The United States has offered $ 2 billion for us base on its territory and promised in this database to perpetuate the name trump Trump personally.

"I smiled when the President said Trump, what would you like to build with him the American base in Poland, which we might call "Fort trump." I am convinced that this is possible", — said the Polish President.

Only one base dreams Andrzej Duda in opposing Russia is not limited. How to stop the construction of the "Nord stream-2", meditating, going to Washington, the Polish President. "Not with our help" — disappointed guest at the same meeting.

"We are not going to impose sanctions against companies involved in the "Nord stream". We just think it must be disappointing for the citizens of Germany that they are paying Russia for energy billions of dollars a year. I think the Germans don't like this," said trump.

However, the new unilateral restrictions in the US still went. The black list included 33 officials associated with the Russian military-industrial complex. The first involved the so-called secondary sanctions. America is trying to punish China, which buys Russian su-35 fighters and anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. And this after just a few days after another round of a trade war between the two largest world economies. In the United States introduce a new fee at the rate of 10% on Chinese imports with a volume of $ 200 billion. From 1 January next year the rate will rise to 25%.

"The time has come to take tough measures against China. We have no choice. For many years we have suffered, our wonderful farmers felt the effects but now they are fine. Yes, we are introducing sanctions against some countries, cooperate with other. We peels the whole world," said trump.

He called America the "pig-piggy Bank", which is all Rob. The analogy is risky, to get can far away, but the screams in China do not want to listen. Beijing slowed down the negotiations. In Washington invigorates. China sells much more to US than it buys from there. They say that the cartridges we stock. But so far, and to the crossbow. Duties imposed almost 6 thousand kinds of Chinese goods.

For many American manufacturers, and for almost all retailers, this means increased costs and retail prices, losses, and eventually the loss of jobs, increasing number of whom trump is so proud of. Dissatisfied even those farmers. In China idly by sit — imposed retaliatory surcharges on American pork, soybeans and cereals. Started overproduction. The prices of agricultural products fell by one-third.

The votes from the provinces is critical to Republicans in the upcoming Congressional elections. Keep the majority there for trump and his party no less difficult than to make America great again, much of which is still made in China.

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