Another failure of London and Brussels can't agree

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Author: Dmitry Kiselev

Another failure in Salzburg, Austria ended the talks between the leaders of the European Union and the UK Brexit. To 29 March 2019, the official date of a British exit from the EU, there are only six months, and agreement on the terms of the divorce is not in sight. Hard Brexit increasingly likely.

The EU is the prospect of entering the UK without a deal, not scary. The head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker still reminds Theresa may that the clock is ticking.

"This agreement should be ready by October, time is running out. The lack of agreement on Brexit is not my desktop Outlook, but if that happens, the Commission is fully ready. She is ready for any scenarios and consequences that may result from the absence of an agreement. Don't worry and be happy", — said Juncker.

The last "not to worry" is addressed only to the Europeans and in any case not the British. Something they just worry about something in there. Yes it can be seen. At the summit there was a dismal atmosphere. So, Angela Merkel, in a move to meet the smiling may, passed and not even stretched out her palm. The Network immediately showered with jokes such as: "Merkel did everything right, may hand in the opener" or "Wicked and Gingema had a fight".

At the same time, the mood of the German Chancellor could well spoil the latest public opinion polls. The rating of the CDU/CSU fell by one percentage point and amounted to only 28%. The record since November 1997, when in fact the survey started.

Author: Mikhail Antonov

The main decoration of any team is its women. The informal EU summit in Salzburg glowed with reflected light of Angela Merkel and Theresa may. Yes, light, twilight, sunset. So, the most frostbitten of a desire to add bright colors: in the edition of the British tabloid Express watched the video and had a sensation that quickly spread through other "mediadomain," the German Chancellor refused to shake hands with the Prime Minister of the UK, although may and Merkel already had ten times to drop by and say Hello.

A fly on the cake is no less emotion than the cherry, but it is not necessary to invent anything to reflect the depth of the conflict over Brexit. With this all so well.

"Brexit such a train wreck, where even before the collision were seen rushing toward each other on the train. The EU summit in Salzburg was a possibility to prevent the crash, but the British Prime Minister Theresa may and the heads of government and States the remaining 27 countries-EU member States refused to pull the emergency brake," writes Bild.

Mei brought to Salzburg plan "Checkers" — from the name of the British government residence, where it was agreed. In return, the common market — the creation of a free trade zone, no customs and passport control at the border of EU member States Ireland and Northern Ireland included in the United Kingdom. But the plan in Salzburg did not like using a transparent border in the EU will go left goods and duties for them do not understand why will drip to the British.

"There can be no compromise on the question of the internal market", — said Merkel.

"The proposals are unacceptable. Especially what concerns the sphere of economy", — said the President of France Emmanuel macron.

The lack of border would allow London to keep the peace with the North Irish separatists. Let us then put the custom between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, offer the wily Europeans. Now, may it can not go. "We can't divide the United Kingdom into two economic zones. Soon we will present our proposals," said may.

But to suggest she has nothing, nowhere to retreat. Plan "Checkers", even in its current form, was agreed within the British government with large losses: the Cabinet may have left foreign Minister, Boris Johnson and Minister for Brexit David Davies, to whom the plan seemed too compromise towards Brussels, destroying the sense of a referendum on leaving the EU. Back home, Mei immediately appeared on television.

"I've always said no deal is better than a bad deal. The EU must clearly understand that we will not revise the results of the referendum, but also my country to dismember I'm not going," she said.

Hard Brexit — out as is, without prior arrangements, capital flight, the collapse of the pound and other joys of isolation is probably also not an option. But it is for him to vindictive neighbors are pushing Britain. On March 29, she need to leave the EU, and 30-day you retire may by law of the genre, ruthless to make their case to the Moors. The ruling Conservative party on this bill, a consensus has emerged, and among the first to replace Boris Johnson.

"Mr. Maassen is a position in the Ministry of the interior and will become the Secretary for security," said Horst Seehofer, the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany.

Relatively drama Brexit actual problems of German policy became explicitly vaudeville shade: the leadership of the country engaged in the employment of the former head of the German counterintelligence Massena, which has dismissed over doubts about the veracity of movies depicting the "hunt on migrants" in Chemnitz. Chief masséna interior Minister Seehofer immediately took him to a higher position. The social Democrats, who demanded to remove the Massena, did not appreciate the joke.

"This is a wrong decision. I understand those who criticize this decision, but in this case there are specific target — Horst Seehofer," said Andrea Nales, Chairman of the Social democratic party of Germany.

Merkel agreed with the decision Seehofer to once again not to jeopardize the integrity of the government. After returning from Salzburg, it is exactly the same purpose agreed with the social Democrats. "We agreed to review the situation. It is right and necessary," — said Merkel.

Lightness of what is happening cannot hide the fundamental conflict that threatens Merkel what Brexit threatens Mei — social, inter - and intra-party split on the issue of migrants. The German Chancellor has already missed several opportunities to leave nicely, and it remains only to Drudge.

In the satirical program of Extra 3 is fed in the form of conversation of the Chancellor with his own diary: "Dear diary, I'm very tired. I imagine his last term represented much more relaxed. Problems in Chemnitz. Immediately proceed to the action plan: to remain calm, then do nothing, then wait. Maassen in the media undermines my authority, so they tell me. I should take action. How stupid. Hiding behind a plant, but I, unfortunately, quickly find."

Problems find Merkel constantly. The rating of her party struck another bottom – 28% — and on the right the "Alternative for Germany" has already grown to 18 and entrenched in second place. Its key thesis is that Merkel needs to leave early, shares more than half of the Germans.

And even a neutral or more sympathetic Chancellor press perceives the decisions of the informal summit in Salzburg on migration to strengthen cooperation with Egypt and to increase border force Frontex is not as the plan of action, and like a tired show.

Authoritative SZ called the meeting in Salzburg, Austria "the summit of stagnation." For the liberal mainstream it is. And quite differently to their political opponents in Europe. At the time of the entry into the government of the nationalist party "Svoboda" led to the boycott of Austria by neighbours in the European Union. The fact that now they go there and not pay attention to the fact that "Freedom" — again part of the ruling coalition, the best shows, what a jerk made ultra.

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