A third round of power crisis in Moldova

SL, Понедельник 24 Сентябрь 2018 - 19:30:30

Political opposition of the President Igor Dodon with the government of Moldova has again resulted in the suspension of the President.

The loss of the President of powers – it is only provides for an opportunity for his political opponents to drag the power of those nominations that the President is not satisfied strictly.

In the confrontation which time is involved, the constitutional court, takes the position not on the basis of justice and legality, and on the basis of ideological closeness to the enemies of Dodona. It so interprets the situation the President himself.

About this he wrote on his page on facebook, explaining in detail the cause of renewed conflict.

"The constitutional court made a double iniquity: negated my attempt to stop a serious violation of the law and let this violation was committed by the so-called acting President", — said Igor Dodon.

This time the stumbling block was the appointment of two Ministerial approval which insists the Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Dodon is not the first time, actually vetoing the Prime Minister's henchmen.

Well, the head of the government, which is backed by the parliamentary majority in the Democratic party of Moldova (PDM), passes the presidential ban through the procedure of provisional suspension of the head of state.

However for such a maneuver requires the consent of the court.

However, as the President considered to be excessively oriented to the East, i.e. Russia and government forces westwards, to put it simply aimed at the maximum integration with Romania, until the accession, and the Constitutional court is not hard to make a verdict, since the part of judges has Romanian citizenship, which in itself is nonsense, bearing in mind their place of work.

"Sorry about that instead of trying to stop the serious violations committed by the government, the constitutional court gives "green light" they continue. This once again raises serious questions about the professionalism and independence of constitutional court judges," wrote an announcement in social networks.

A couple of times, the court has resorted to the temporary removal of the President from power.

The first time was in October last year after two failed attempts to push through the presidential approval of the nomination of the future Minister of defence, proposed by Vladimir Plahotniuc — the "grey Eminence" behind all the actions of the Moldovan government.

In January of current year the constitutional court once again made such a suspension is in order for the government appeared 5новых of Ministers.

Now we are talking about the appointment of Nicholas Shank Minister of agriculture, regional development and the environment, and Sylvia Rada — Minister of health, labour and social protection.

Dodon believes both candidates are not suitable for these posts. Parliament does not have the experience and knowledge to hold the post of ordinary civil servant, and not even the Minister, and the Shank in the past are criminal misdemeanors, for which we are not to appoint a person to the post of Minister, the President of Moldova.

However, opponents of Dodona is trying not only to place his people in key Ministerial posts, but the maximum delay time of the parliamentary elections, to be able to reverse the public mood.

Currently, the majority of inhabitants of the Republic on the party of Igor Dodon and February 24, 2019 the PDM does not promise much success.

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