To cool hot heads, Russia will supply Syria With air defense systems s-300

SL, Понедельник 24 Сентябрь 2018 - 23:04:48

Russia sends Syria the air defense systems s-300. About the same time Vladimir Putin personally, reported in a telephone conversation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Delivery could take place five years ago, but back then, Moscow refused it, considering the concerns of Israel. Now, after the death of the Russian aircraft Il-20, a decision had to be changed. When Vladimir Putin called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the President said to him, Moscow proceeds from the fact that the main cause of the tragedy was precisely the actions of the Israeli air force. The head of state stressed that the strengthening of Syrian air defense adequately the situation and aimed primarily at preventing any potential threat to the lives of Russian soldiers. It is now to change the situation in Syria and on its borders?

The answer, which promised Moscow when the Il-20 was shot down in the skies over the Latakia. Three steps. Fundamentally changing the security situation of the Russian military in the region. "First, the Syrian armed forces in the next two weeks will be transferred to advanced anti-aircraft missile system s-300, according to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. — It is able to seize the means of air attack at a range of over 250 kilometers and at the same time hitting multiple air targets. Let me stress that in 2013, at the request of the Israeli side, we suspended the delivery to Syria of s-300 complex, which was prepared for shipping, and Syrian soldiers have been trained. Today the situation has changed. And it is not our fault".

The s-300 armed with Syria is able to cover the entire territory of the Jewish state. These arguments are heard in the Kremlin. Contract cancelled, money returned to the Syrians. Such decisions are made at the level of the first persons of the state.

In General, Russia has consistently demonstrated friendliness to Israel. In tel Aviv gave the tank the "Magi-3", lost Israel in war with Syria back in 82. Relatives of tankers believed that learn something new. Our military helped to look for burial by the Israeli Marines, in coordination with the Syrian partners. In areas where it is still ruled by the terrorists of ISIS (banned in Russia). Then was shot by Russian special forces.

Russia stopped fighting in the Golan heights. Now UN peacekeepers patrolling the area after a six year break. Guarded by the Russian military police. Plus Moscow was persuaded to withdraw from the Golan for 150 kilometers of the Pro-Iranian formation. At the request of Israel. And at the personal request of the Israeli Prime Minister, the Kremlin acted as an intermediary in the organization of negotiations with the President of Palestine. Such examples of a balanced position in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — mass.

"When leaving the Obama administration began to promote in the UN security Council decision on Palestinian-Israeli settlement, in fact, imposing artificial parameters and crucial for the outcome of the negotiations, Russia did not support the initiative of the United States, reminded the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. — Considering that it would inevitably lead to a substantial aggravation of the situation".

And, of course, emphasized attentive to Israeli colleagues were the Russian military. Unconditionally comply with the condition — not to use our air defense system, placed in Syria. "Second. The Syrian command posts of formations and military units of antiaircraft defense will be equipped with automated control systems that are only in the Russian Armed forces, — said Sergey Shoigu. — It will provide centralized control of all forces and means of air defense of Syria, monitoring the traffic situation and operational results of target designation. Most importantly, will be guaranteed the identification of all Russian aircraft of the Syrian air defenses".

The Russian military is 310 times were notified the command center of the Israeli air force, when our aircraft were in the air. In response, only 25 notifications. Although the Jewish state has bombed Syria 200 times. And now about the attack Israel has warned a minute before. Moreover, it was about the Northern areas, and was hit near the base of "Hamim", it is the West.

"Third, the adjoining areas of Syria over the Mediterranean sea will be electronic jamming of satellite navigation, airborne radar and communication systems, combat aircraft, attacking objects on Syrian territory. We are convinced that implementation of these measures will cool the hot heads and keep them from rash acts that threaten our military," stated Sergei Shoigu.

Meanwhile, the defense Ministry said, Russia reserves the right and more strongly react to any action in the Syrian sky. In accordance with the situation.

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