Ultimate weapon: "Dagger" fast and virtually invisible

SL, Sunday 11 March 2018 - 21:47:00

Russia is forced to retaliate. The latest defensive system, represented by President Putin to the General public, nullified all efforts of USA and their allies. And protective umbrella, as expressed by the Minister Shoigu, in the end turned out to be leaky.

"Attention, calculation! Received the order on the application of nuclear missile attack under the current plan. Duplicate order! Calculation, Attention! — Start!" — of course, it's just a drill. In the 13th Orenburg missile red banner division are armed with Intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M2, menacing "Magistrates." But very soon they will be replaced by "Sarmatians"

The frames of the housing of the first stage, thermoperiods and transitional compartments of the future missiles are part of the "Sarmatian", which will be even more perfect, more powerful. Almost without limitations in distance. This means, for the "Sarmatian" on the planet will remain inaccessible areas. Throwing tests have been completed. Preparing to start serial production.
"Sarmat" — heavy rocket. Can carry up to 20 warheads. Total capacity — up to 8 megatons. Or three planning winged block "Avangard". But about the "Vanguard" and their invulnerability — a little later. The ability of the "Sarmatian" to overcome missile defense potential enemy greatly complicate the task of detection.
After deployment, the stage of breeding warheads will reach the ground in a cloud of false targets: balloons, metal parts, pieces of foil fragments, the speed and even inflatable simulators warheads. Ground-based enemy radars see them as real. And only at altitudes of about 100 kilometers, they will split the heavy combat units will leave forward. But the enemy is already critically short time — not more than 15 seconds to select them and send to intercept their missiles.

"The new missile complex "Sarmat" has a short boost phase and a half times less than "Governor" — his predecessor. Which greatly hampers the possibility of fixing the launch and before the separation of warheads. The power of the new missile system allows the use of not only staffing the trajectory of the missile, and to vary these trajectories, including the launch of missiles across the South pole" — said the Deputy head of the missile weapons of the strategic missile forces, Andrei Severin.

From the "Governor" he got the best: the RD-264, proven and reliable, and mine. Incidentally, they received additional protection.
"Multiples increased durability of the rocket to the effects of damaging factors of nuclear explosion. And weapons based on new physical principles. This will allow the missile to survive under the impact of missile defenses and is necessary to achieve the objectives set before a rocket", — said General Director and General designer of the State rocket center named after Academician V. P. Makeev, academician Vladimir Degtyar.

"The complex is created not for any pre-emptive action, it was created in response to the US deployment of a missile defense system on its territory, on European. I think that this complex can be a stabilizing factor for our potential enemy in the future," chief researcher of the military Academy RVSN named after Peter the Great Vasily Lata.

Our Western partners hope to protect themselves from retaliation. From retaliation. Actively build a global missile defense. And their assurances that all this is for protection against nuclear attacks from Iran and North Korea are no more than slyness.
Because it is designed by Iranian designers "Shahabi and Sagely" now can't fly more than two and a half thousand kilometers. Not to mention, to fly over the Atlantic. In this scenario, the deployment of the ABM deployment area or Romania or Poland does not make sense. Not to mention Scandinavia and the North Atlantic.

Same with the North Korean nuclear threat. Yes "And 3", according to American experts, capable of delivering warheads to a distance of 12 thousand kilometers. That is under threat all of Alaska and the continental United States. But the fact that the optimal route of flight of the missiles located on the most Northern areas of the Pacific ocean. And to build anti-missile system in Japan makes no sense.
Hence the conclusion: the United States terminated the Treaty on the limitation of anti-ballistic missile systems, not to restrain themselves, and in 15 years they managed to create the perimeter of our borders, several positional areas.

In space, deployed a constellation of satellites. They fix the rockets the torch of the engine to determine the trajectory of their flight, the characteristics of warheads and false targets, provides target designation to intercept. On land and at sea, operates a network of 47 radar stations. They blocked all the possible flight path of Russian ballistic missiles in the direction of the United States. Under the hood of the intelligence and information tools of a us missile defense was almost the entire territory of Russia.

The impact potential is more than 400 missiles "GID", "Standard-3" and "THAAD". In addition, the intercept can work 1300 missiles "patriot" PAC-3.
And very soon, after the modernization of missiles "Standard-3" can intercept our ballistic missiles immediately after their launch directly over the Baltic sea. And even retaliation from the depths of Russia, the United States will be able to intercept the machine space segment of missile defense and radar stations in Greenland, the UK and Alaska. The Pentagon thus creates a third positional region, the umbrella to protect the northeastern States from Russian missiles, and not from Iranian or North Korean.

A serious threat to Russia's security and represent the NATO group of cruisers with guided missiles of the type "Ticonderoga". Stamps winged "Tomahawks" hit their targets at a distance of two and a half thousand kilometers. That is under attack are launchers of ballistic missiles and our capital.

Unified launcher, same as on the ships, and placed on the basis of the ABM in Romania. NATO representatives say that in ground option with them it is impossible to launch rockets. But this sounds unconvincing. Besides standing in them "Standard-3", if necessary, can be quickly replaced on the same "Tomahawk". And this is a flagrant violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range, which is still valid.

That is one of the parties directly and is clearly in violation of agreements and actively arming, acting aggressively. Russia simply has to respond. The latest defensive system, represented by President Putin to the General public, nullified all efforts of USA and their allies. And protective umbrella, as expressed by the Minister Shoigu, in the end turned out to be leaky.

So, without that all-pervading power of the "Sarmatian" can further enhance the product "4202", the "vanguard" — planning winged combat unit. He is able to move in the dense layers of the atmosphere. Moreover, at hypersonic - speeds in excess of 20 thousand kilometers per hour.

"He is free to avoid all areas where deployed missile defense system, it can change its direction ahead, and can move the distance of 5 thousand kilometers and enter totally different side to the object of his destruction," says Lata.

Avangard is already commercially available. Immediately after the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, Russian designers began work on creation of cruise missiles with a nuclear engine. And here 6 November at the site of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago has successfully completed the first test.

"Was held the start. Provided the thrust of the rocket powered by nuclear fuel", — reported Lev Ryabev, first Deputy Minister RF for atomic energy in the years 1993-2002.

In the area of exercise in that time was the intelligence ship "Marjata" of the Norwegian Navy and NATO reconnaissance aircraft "Orion". They saw it all, and therefore do not refute. But this is a real technological breakthrough! Which scale can be compared only with the invention of the jet engine in the middle of the last century.

"Thanks to our scientists from the nuclear industry. That this story made it almost a reality. Last year was a comprehensive test, they confirmed all the approaches that were laid out in this cruise missile. Confirmed, first and foremost, the possibility of entering the specified capacity of nuclear power plants but, as you may guess, it starts on normal gunpowder engine, and then starts a nuclear installation," — said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

That allows the rocket to stay in flight indefinitely. And all this time, moving on depressed trajectories along the surface of the Earth, it is invisible to the air defense system of the enemy. Up to the time of the destruction of the target.
Like many dual-use technologies, compact nuclear engine in the near future will be widely used in civil projects.

In 2017, the troops began to receive aircraft missiles "Dagger". Combat application worked. Fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM at supersonic speed approaches the range of enemy air defense, not going into it, and let the rocket. Further aeroballistic hypersonic munition "Dagger" at speeds exceeding 3 kilometers per second, actively maneuvering, guaranteed to overcome any of the existing defensive systems. Sam "Dagger" is coated with a special radar absorbing material and is almost invisible on radar. Perfect weapon! Able to destroy command posts and even entire ship group. And launch complexes "patriot" to turn into a pile of junk iron.
Today, the defense Ministry reported on a successful combat training launch from MIG-31 hypersonic missile complex "Dagger". The plane took off from the airfield in the southern military district in the framework of carrying experimental combat duty. The start was trouble-free, hypersonic missile hit a predetermined target on the ground. During the start-up was confirmed the tactical and technical characteristics and time indicators, high-precision aircraft missile complex "Dagger".

Another component of the weapon of retribution — oceanic multi-purpose system. Unmanned underwater vehicle with a nuclear engine can carry a charge of any power and to move at unprecedented speeds. The American system of distant hydroacoustic supervision of ASUS with its "Caesars", "Barriere" and "Giants" such underwater drone is simply not zapelenguesh. On the theatre of war that new weapons will destroy all carrier battle groups and missile cruisers of the enemy in the first hours.

"It can sunaryati to a depth of over 1,000 metres, she can maneuver during the movement to the target, it is essentially a stand-alone tool, it requires no correction, that is, hydroscope guidance system enables it with a fairly high accuracy fast buzulukova approach to object destruction. I do not know tools that are able to stop this weapon," continued Borisov.

Is now Russia and laser weapons. Even in 2015, successfully tested complex destruction of military equipment. Now it is produced serially and supplied to the troops. On its basis it is possible to create more perfect specimens of various types of home and destination.

"Military laser systems that have been certified and delivered in response to external threats. The Russian government has created a powerful defensive complex of unique weapons, the advantage of which is, first and foremost, is the instantaneous delivery of energy, unlimited ammo. In the future he will carry on combat duty to protect our Motherland", — said the Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of General physics named after Alexander Prokhorov of RAS, corresponding member of RAS Sergey Garnov.

Perhaps the most conservative in terms of technology remains a national missile defense system. Because the best and perfect has been invented.
After 4 seconds after launch of the interceptor missile 53T6 complex A-135 comes in the operating mode and reaches a maximum speed of 5 and a half kilometers per second. After 6-10 seconds it to intercept and destroy any ballistic target at altitudes from 40 to 100 kilometers.

Data of detected targets in automatic mode are received from the radar stations of the far detection. They cover the whole territory of Russia a single radar field. The most dangerous direction — West. Responsible for it just three stations. In Olenegorsk for half a century guarding the borders of the space station Dnepr. In lekhtusi, near St. Petersburg and in Kaliningrad on combat duty to intercede new generation of radar "Voronezh".

"The unique capabilities of our station allow to detect and track not only ballistic missiles, space vehicles, aircraft, and hypersonic aircraft", — the chief of a separate radio center Dmitri Gornev.

In case of a massive missile attack is declared fighting alarm. Start work connection missile defense. Above the Central industrial district, over Moscow, they create an impenetrable dome.

It is the eyes and ears of our missile defense radar station don-2N. And this is its main working tool under radio transparent coating are emitters of the phased array. They form a narrow beam, which searches the space goal. The reflected signal arrives at the receiving antenna. On each of the four sides of the radar is such a pair of emitting and receiving antenna. This ensures complete coverage of the horizon of 360 degrees. Well, in the height of the don-2N sees 40 thousand kilometers and is able to detect simultaneously up to 100 ballistic targets flying. Experts call it the eighth wonder of the world.

Though, because only our don-2N was able to discover in space, the elements smaller than 5 centimeters and to build the trajectory of their movement, exercises to repel a nuclear attack are held daily. The main thing is to select the most dangerous target. That is, to distinguish among clouds of decoys real warheads. Because they are moving towards earth at tremendous speeds around 7 kilometers per second, and the interception diverted a few minutes, just 8-9 minutes.

The doomsday weapon. But the missile defense system A-135 without any excessive force could reflect up to 100 ballistic targets flying. That is, if we simultaneously attack about 20 nuclear missiles.

Because of the tremendous speeds at which the moving missile, the time for decision-making remains very small. The system does everything itself automatically. With multiple redundancy. So mistakes are excluded. Of course, NATO strategists are aware of this. How about the fact that retaliation will swiftly follow. Retribution is inevitable.

Agree, not a bad negotiating position. Putin did disclose all this only in order to gently bring our partners for negotiations. Since the money of U.S. taxpayers spent ABOUT wasted.

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