New military developments of Russia will serve for peaceful purposes

SL, Tuesday 13 March 2018 - 01:09:00

A new Intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" will go to the troops by that time as over the online standing now on alert missiles "Voevoda". This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov. It can be equipped with hypersonic blocks, which will make its interception virtually impossible. A rocket with a nuclear engine can be seen only in the vicinity of the target. Besides, she can fly for days. The same technology will be used for peaceful programs.

In discussing the cruise missile global range with a nuclear power plant, about which the President told the whole world our scientists say about the associated, contiguous, we can say, projects in the civil sphere.

"Development of reactor plants for energy supply of space vehicles, it was developed by state Corporation "Rosatom" together with the Kurchatov Institute. Impressive high temperature settings. Provide high efficiency, and high efficiency power plants, such installations can be used for nuclear power stations of low power," — said Yuri Dragunov, General designer NIKIET, head of Department e-7 "Nuclear reactors and plants" MGTU im. Bauman.

This is a promising development of nuclear energy. Now compact power plant RITM-200 and R 400 for creating nuclear-powered icebreakers "Arktika", "Sibir" and "Ural" for the future of the flagship of the Russian icebreaking fleet "Leader".

"A significant breakthrough just stems from the fact that if such a compact nuclear installation is placed on an object, the object can move very large, in fact, unlimited long distance, and time during which can run this setup, is also very large," — said Alexander Sergeyev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The missile, about which the President said, can fly literally for days, power compact power plant for that is enough. The other step including, in terms of minimization of nuclear devices – nuclear batteries.

"It is planned to begin production of nuclear batteries based on the radioisotope Nickel-63, which is the conversion of beta radiation into electrical energy. Such installations can be used in medicine and for space purposes," — said Yuri Dragunov, General designer NIKIET, head of Department e-7 "Nuclear reactors and plants" MGTU im. Bauman.

The layout of the nuclear batteries were shown a year ago at the exhibition "Atom-Expo" in Moscow, and it increased for clarity, the real volume of the device is only one cubic centimeter. And to work super-battery can last very long.

"As an example, I want to give an analogue, which is widely used today in the world, it is a watch with tritium illumination, I wanted to wear this watch, they are completely safe and see – the fact that tritium is exactly the same energy spectrum of electrons as the Nickel 63, but half-life much smaller. And that's just Nickel-63, the half-life of one hundred years, and this allows an increase in the long term," said Pyotr Gavrilov, Director of the Mining and chemical combine.

Developing an atomic batteries, in particular, Mining and chemical combine in Krasnoyarsk region. On the private enterprise more than half a century have created weapons-grade plutonium for nuclear warheads, and now working on peaceful nuclear projects. In particular, the nuclear fuel of the next generation of so-called MOX fuel. It is used in advanced fast neutron reactors such as the reactor at Beloyarsk NPP. And that, like batteries, and new energy installation – a sort of mixture of military and civilian technologies. Which can lead even to the stars.

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