Premier League. "Zenith" and "Krasnodar" will win, for "the locomotive" have questions

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The championship of Russia on football has entered a crucial stage, when the price of each match, each victory, each point grows significantly. The 26th round of the Premier League has made some interesting matches: "Dinamo" – "Lokomotiv" - "Krasnodar" – "the Arsenal" "Zenith" – "Anzhi".

The experts of football before the games give quite contradictory predictions. So ex-football player of English "Tottenham" Roman Pavlyuchenko for the match "Dinamo" – "Lokomotiv" says: "I watched Derby CSKA — "Dynamo". And thought of the chances the Dynamo no, but look what happened".

"Dynamo" has beaten CSKA, and now he will be no less serious mood for another Derby. Dynamo need to score another 3-6 points to leave dangerous zone, not to get into the play-offs. Khokhlova home team will play to win. Emotional background is good, winning the game against CSKA the confidence," — said the player.

"But "the locomotive" in a draw you can't even play, — quotes Pavlyuchenko site "Rating Bookmakers". – So, theoretically, he could play a draw, still have a game in hand, but then "Spartak" will just have a "tail". In the event of a misfire it can bypass the "locomotive". In this match both teams will try to win, but I will put on "the locomotive".

"At Lokomotiv, tough schedule: during the week the team will play three matches as a real top-club — says former coach of Russian national team Anatoly Byshovets. – So, I think the problem is worth the wait not so much from a game with "Dynamo", but after it. And this cut can affect the outcome of the championship".

"Although Dynamo will not be easy. Dynamo bright after the match with CSKA, in my opinion, have a good chance not to lose. But Lokomotiv is a team that will play defense. Fast attack or positional, where "the Dynamo" there are problems is not the same thing. In this regard, I think that a draw is a real option," — said Byshovets.

But about the match "Zenit" – "Anji" the famous coach says with humor: "I understand that Sergey Fursenko already in stock "Zenith" – will be released soon to score instead of Zabolotny. Anyway, I think, to overcome the "Anji" will be able to – then have nowhere to retreat, otherwise you'll have to fire the coach, not coping with the management team. But I think Zenit will win, and with the difference a couple of goals", — concluded the expert.

According to the Byshovets, in a match with "Crantara" Arsenal can't play full: "Although the atmosphere when the players are not afraid to play and feel the trust of the coach Miodrag Bozovic can create. But as for the "Krasnodar", change of the trainer gives background of the internal conflict: when comes a new coach, the players unite and try about yourself to show and tell something can. I'd put my money on the pitch".

The former player of a national team Egor Titov has echoed the coach: "Good game show "Krasnodar" in Saint-Petersburg in the last round, especially in the second half, when the excitement had subsided. Now there is the excitement of a new coach. Igor Shalimov has left. Now positive emotions, and "Krasnodar" tune to the Tula Arsenal.

"In my opinion, Arsenal is not the defense to defend well in Krasnodar. If the hosts will play with the mood, Tulyakov likely not at all, they are minimal. Now "Krasnodar" very powerful group attack, Shatov joined the team. Mamaev is gradually gaining. CSKA Moscow have not scored, but in St. Petersburg took part in the winning goal," — said Titov.

Ex-football player of "Spartak" Eugene Lovchev about the match in Krasnodar says: "Both teams scoring. Arsenal is the film that every season holds a certain scoring threshold. In "Krasnodar" in order Smolov is the best scorer of the Russian championship in recent years. Prefer here "Krasnodar" because of the team factor".

Lovchev expressed support and "Zenith": "it's not that "Anji" failed match against "Spartak", in the first half conceding 3 goals. It's "Zenith", which is a big problem. Mancini said that playing in the attack no one. All this through the press. And it seems to me that the mood at players "Zenith" will be mad. The players will be out to prove to the head coach their worth. So here bet on the home team".

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