Premier League. Dzyuba against Zenit. "Krasnodar" without Smolov

SL, Воскресенье 22 Апрель 2018 - 12:05:43

Matches of the 27th round of the championship of Russia on football in the Premier League with the participation of leaders give much food for forecasts. Experts estimate the chances of FC Krasnodar vs CSKA Moscow, although the southerners did not play Fedor Smolov. But Artem Dzyuba, in contrast, may go out for Arsenal against his "Zenith".

"To be a very interesting game, CSKA – "Krasnodar" — said the ex-footballer "Spartacus" Maxim Kalinichenko. – Two attractive, attacking team with a few different philosophies, but with an approximately similar pattern of play. Very interesting team in attack and not in defense. With varying degrees realizing it."

"After the change of coach, a little sighed "Krasnodar". Don't know whether it is connected with the change of coach – quotes the expert a site "the Rating of Bookmakers". – CSKA, in principle, with attacking teams uneasy relationship. "Krasnodar" — the team that CSKA is playing quite well. I think CSKA will be very difficult. The attack of FC Krasnodar is very serious. Even without Smolov. And I think that "Krasnodar" able to win".

Speaking about the match "Arsenal" – "Zenit" Kalinichenko says: "Clear favorite "Zenit", but Tula is not easy, she plays an interesting football. Arsenal, it seems to me, able to fuck any Premier League team. "Zenith" is no exception. Especially the "Zenith", which we observe. It's unstable, looking for a team. In this game Tula able to score in the home match. And "Zenith", and generally any team."

"I remember the game when Zenit was headed by Lucescu, says former player of the national team Eugene Lovchev. – Then the "blue-white-blue" have crushed "Arsenal", and after the match the coach of "gunners" Pavlov said his team gave a master class. I think that this time it won't happen".

Zenit, torn by internal troubles, never found his game. Team powerfully strengthened before the season. Took players from the same country, some even in team play, but the desired effect these transfers did not. As for Arsenal, the team now plays very easily. Plus will play Dzyuba, who will be extremely motivated in this duel", — the expert believes.

About the match Lokomotiv – FC Ufa a little Lovchev says: "In his last match railwaymen have had many opportunities to score but could not. I think that's the second time in a row will not happen, especially on their home turf. Muscovites understand that in case of victory will make a huge step towards the League title. A lot of goals, of course, not be as "Ufa" plays pretty decent defense. And "Loko" rarely gives out brilliant scoring matches".

But the former coach of Russia Anatoly Byshovets believes that in this game, "suggests a draw": "I'll Bet that Ufa won't lose. Russia looked good against CSKA, today this team is not the whipping boys. And their coach Sergei Semak, is, in Europe, one of the ten most promising. Lokomotiv had six points difference before the "Spartak" must be preserved, because the team play with "Krasnodar" and "Zenith". So stock is not a guarantee for "red-green".

As for Monday's match "Spartak" – "Ahmad", here Byshovets says: "I don't think Spartak are now in order. The team has some problems: controls whether the command? If the coach controls? It seems that there is. As for the "Ahmad" that match with "the Locomotive" has shown that the change of coach has benefited, and Igor Lediakhov was more pragmatic coach, to think more about the result than about the desire to surprise. Ledyahov approached the problem of result more efficiently. Because in the end the coach "released" not by the quality of the game, and the result".

"And, by the way, why "Spartak" to beat "Ahmad"? – asks Byshovets. I think the League fight is already over. Although there are still League Champions, for her sake only. Although why go in the Euro, if there is a shame to depart from the "Athletics"? Still think, Muscovites will succeed (after all, the attack is not bad), but it will not be large on account".

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