Embarrassing doping: Rodchenkov could not prove their accusations against Russia

SL, Пятница 27 Апрель 2018 - 20:55:05

Today it became known that the Russian athletes are going to file lawsuits in European courts. The occasion was the publication of testimony Rodchenkova in which the fugitive informant WADA rejected some of the allegations. And he did it back in January, admitting that never saw our Olympic athletes take performance enhancing drugs. But then his words concealed from the public — and in the end our team took the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Grigory Rodchenkov was unable to answer any of the questions of the judges. The most important for Russian sport session of arbitration court on 22 January in Lausanne was held behind closed doors.

The fugitive head of RUSADA, as it turns out, without the press and witnesses were confused in indications. For example, I couldn't remember the exact composition of "the Duchess" — doping cocktail of anabolic steroids and alcohol, which he allegedly invented.

For the first time this cocktail became known in December 2016 — then he was introduced to Richard McLaren in the second part of its report on doping in Russia, stating that there was a "pear list" of 40 names whose samples then needed to be replaced. The "list" received from McLaren Rodchenkova, was an ordinary piece of paper.

According to the oral testimony Rodchenkova it turned out that he never distributed the cocktail "deuces"

He did not indicate whether there had been a General analysis of the need of drinking a cocktail, "Duchess.

But a few months earlier, in an interview with The New York Times and other foreign media, he picturesquely and in detail told about how he himself was helping the athletes about doping. The world showed the alleged diary entries Rodchenkova, where he is recorded. For this later, he played the spy show a change in appearance.

"There is the fact that the person actually confirms his lies, his slander, and the fact that the man himself confirms the invalidity of their previous words. Of course, we hope that this situation will make different organizations more time to seriously look at the forerunner of certain decisions they took in relation to our athletes," commented the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

"In itself, the publication of this part of the reasoning, I think, says everything. And talks about what was built here is the information of McLaren. Those statements Rodchenkova that, in principle, nothing to prove," said Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of sport of the Russian Federation.

On the basis of these unsubstantiated opinions then made a decision to ban 43 our athletes to participate in the Olympics. Yes, and then, February 1, CAS made a decision of 28 athletes still fully justified, and another 11 to mitigate the sentences. But to take part in the Olympics and they still didn't have time.

For example, a skier Alexander Legkov was disqualified and is now fully justified.

"One hundred and fifty six pages there. So long and so hard to read them all. I've reviewed almost thirty at the moment. Well, Agatha Christie's resting!", — admitted easily.

"Well, we'll see which of action to be taken by the IOC. They did not say what you want in a Swiss Tribunal, in the Supreme court to challenge these decisions," said Alexander Tretyakov, Olympic champion in 2014 in the skeleton.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a statement that Russia will actively defend in the international arena the legitimate rights of its clean athletes. And the Minister of sport has confirmed that we are preparing for new trials.

"I think we are still waiting for many of the processes and just need to be patient. It takes a certain amount of time. But I think the good name of Russian sport must be proved, including in the courts," said Kolobok.

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